About us

We guarantee a fun and engaging experience, where all individuals can improve their skills in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our goal is to help swimmers develop confidence in such an important life skill and build a life-long love of swimming.

Our Goal

From baby lessons to swim academy, we've got you covered!

Our lessons consist of small group classes and private lessons. This allows swimmers to progress rapidly and build upon their skills each week. We believe the best way to learn is through fun, games & positive feedback.

We want to make sure our Instant Swimmers continue to progress and learn throughout their years. We work with a number of local clubs to help progress swimmers into their desired sport.

Our Lessons
  • Rachel

    Head of Parent & Child

  • Jasmine

    Head of Learn to Swim

  • Luke

    Head of Swim Academy

  • Rosie

    Swim Instructor

  • Megan

    Swim Instructor

  • Olivia

    Swim Instructor

  • Hannah

    Swim Instructor

  • Jadie

    Swim Instructor

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